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Summer Time Fun: 10 Ways to Beat the Heat and Connect with your Kids, #10

Flashlight Play This activity is great for a hot summer day when you want to stay inside and turn down the lights. We play with flashlights in Kindermusik class with kids ages 0-7, working on different skills, but they all love it! Sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” or “This Little Light of Mine” as you […]

Summer Time Fun: 10 Great Ideas to Beat the Heat and Connect with your Kids, #7

The series continues….(I didn’t forget) Read to the bottom for Picnic Play date Invite at Mommy Manders’ house! Indoor Picnic at the “Park”!  Schedule a picnic play date in your playroom, or just make your everyday PBJ lunch a little more exciting and memorable. (My memory of summer lunches as a kid is eating ramen […]


This week in my toddler classes we’ve been playing and singing “Monkey See, Monkey Do….the monkey does the same as you.” In this fun game, the toddlers get to choose the action facing their grown-ups, and Mommy monkey copies them. (It helps for you to give them some ideas the first few times: pat your head, […]