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Birthday Letter #8: Michael James!

So, this letter is a little late, but at least we’re still in the same month… If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know that this is one of my favorite birthday “rituals” for my children…to write them a letter each year about the way they’ve been growing and changing. It is […]

Happy 36th Birthday: A Letter to Myself…

Well, I’m waking up to the coldest birthday I can remember! 25% and school is closed (again) here in Dallas due to ice and sleet on the roads….but my kids spent the night at my parents’ house last night, so “ahhhhhh“, I have a quiet morning to my older birthday self! A nice gift, for […]

Ellie’s Birthday Letter #3

2 days late, and after a big birthday weekend, here’s my letter to the little lady. (I’m at the neighborhood coffee shop this evening, as I’ve learned that I’m not “Mother enough” to handle both of my kids ALL day by myself. Judging me? YOU try it… with my kids, I mean. Go ahead – […]

Ellie’s Birthday Letter #2

I wrote this letter to Ellie last year for her 2nd birthday. She turned 3 yesterday, and this year’s letter is coming up tomorrow…It will tell the “tail” of whatever happens at her Kitty Cat birthday party today! May 18, 2011 “Ellie Kathryn, We love you! Ellie Kathryn, You are 2!” That’s what our chalk […]

Ellie’s 1st Birthday Letter

Ellie turned 3 today, May 18th! When she came into my room this morning, MJ and I were already snuggling together, and though we welcomed the birthday girl with cheery greetings, she was her normal morning-grump-a-roo. Sadly, her mood did not improve much throughout the day, but we did have good moments and continued celebrating! […]

Looking Back on Newborn Ellie

My little Ellie-girl turns 3 tomorrow, May 18th. So, I’m looking back at the first e-mails we sent out to friends and family in those first few days. And tomorrow, I’ll begin looking back at the annual birthday letters I’ve written as she’s grown, the “intentional gift” I like to pause and take time to […]

Happy 5th, Birthday, Michael James!

I wrote this yesterday afternoon while our family was hunkering down during the big storm! Tues, April 3rd, 2012 To my growing boy,   I can’t believe you turned 5 years old yesterday! You have been just as nostalgic about it as your Mommy and Daddy. Instead of being excited and eager to turn five, several […]