LOTS of events coming up in the “Spirit of Christmas”!

Musical Outreach Projects! Friday, December 14th, noon, Churchill Estates in Lake Highlands We’ll gather and make cards, then share some favorite Christmas songs with the elderly residents. I’ll bring instruments and other surprises for LOTS of holiday cheer! All ages welcome! RSVP for the event  —————————————- Friday, December 21st, 4:00 The Villages of Lake Highlands Another […]

Counting to Christmas: 25 Ways to Count Down with your Kids!

Christmas-time is about being together. It’s about simple joys. And for children, it’s about PRESENTS! (Oops, did I say “presents”? I meant MAGIC! As parents, it’s our job to make it NOT just about presents.) Really, Christmas, in many ways, is a reminder of how LIFE should be, not just a 25-day period. But, while […]