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Good Fingers, Good Food, Good FUN!

Yesterday I shared a great Mommy idea for you: “Summer Treat: Magic Milkshake”! I put it in my new “category”, “Great Ideas: Mine and Yours”. This great idea was courtesy of my mommy-neighbor, Jennifer. Cooking/ snacking is just one of the many areas of daily life in parenting/ care-giving that, when utilized to its fullest potential, […]

Healthy Summer Treat: Magic Milkshakes!

My clever Mommy-neighbor Jennifer gave me this great idea to sneak some extra nutrition into mine and my kids’ daily diets. She calls them “Morning Milkshakes” and makes them each morning along with breakfast for her 3-year-old son, Charlie. As with any dish, the trick to getting your children to try and enjoy them is […]

“Good Fings” from “Fanksgiving” (as my kids would say)

Good News! 2 of my very favorite people on Earth are going to have a baby, who will surely be another favorite of mine! My dear (little) brother Jake and his lovely wife Sarah (my sister-friend) announced (via sidewalk chalk) that they will be having their first baby in June! A “get away”to my parents’ […]

Back to School? OOPS!

{Readers: Stay tuned for a “Back to School” series with suggestions for special songs and rituals to help you connect with your kiddos before and after school/ day care.} So, on Friday afternoon, August 19th, I was pulling into the driveway, having finished up our busy “Good Deeds Week”, and looking forward to having both […]

Kids Can Cook: Fruit Pizza for the 4th

This has been a summer tradition for me for years – pre-college, pre-marriage, pre-kids – I have have always enjoyed contributing this treat for summer potlucks, especially for 4th of July. It is so colorful, and yummy, and I even enjoy the leftovers for a “healthy” breakfast. Now that I have kids, I see that […]