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Looking for Signs of Creativity in Kids

I talk a lot about my son, Michael James (nearly 6), and his creativity. This is expressed daily through his inventions and recipes, his cardboard creations, his duct-tape clothing line, his entrepreneurial adventures in the driveway (from lemonade stands to carnivals). Sometimes I feel a little guilty for talking him up, but not mentioning little […]

Nurturing Creativity in Kids:The Benefits of Following Through!

In my last post “Got Ideas? Got Kids with Ideas?” on creativity and child-development, I mentioned the three steps to consider for any BIG or little idea: Imagine Capture Execute There is so much benefit to encouraging our childrens’ big thoughts and plans, but the lesson for me is that execution is as much an important […]

Got IDEAS? Got Kids with IDEAS?

Do you have an awesome idea? A little seed just waiting to grow and sprout and bloom this season or next? Here at Blissdom Conference, Author Jon Acuff spoke about harnessing our creative powers with “The 3 Stages of Every Awesome Idea”: Imagine Capture Execute I know the session was meant to help us with our […]

Is Your Child the Next Einstein? Or Astronaut to Mars?

Yesterday morning when I went about my usual morning routine of turning on the kitchen radio to NPR while I got breakfast on the table for the kids and sipped my coffee, I heard the very exciting play by play of NASA’s incredible and successful landing of “Curiosity” on the surface of Mars. So exciting! […]