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Join me: Discipline from the HEART and BRAIN!

Many of you have requested this topic, and it is something ALL of us have to deal with on a daily basis. I will share with you the ideas and information that have helped me most on this complex topic from my parenting/ teaching guru’s book, Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline by Becky Bailey, along with […]

Moment for Mommy: Practicing Mommy “Mindfulness”

Notice the title is not “Mastering Mommy Mindfulness”, but it is an ongoing practice that will never make perfect for any of us! But we can get better at it. And we can model it for our children. Here’s the goal…. Mindfulness is that moment of space and separation between an experience or situation and […]

Are YOU in the driver’s seat?

Has it ever struck you as odd that we have to take driving lessons, pass a test, and get a license to be able to legally drive, but ALL we have to do to become a parent, to become the caregiver/ teacher/ provider for a living creature (human, no less) is to HAVE SEX? That’s […]

The Cycle of Bad Parenting

Okay, here it is. I feel worst about myself when I lose it with my kids. And when I’m feeling bad about myself, it is hard for me to be a good parent. The more it happens, the less I feel I’ll be able to successfully change it. This is the cycle of bad parenting […]

“What You Focus On,You Get More Of.”

Quote of the week…This little mantra comes from my guru’s book Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline by Becky Bailey. I have it posted up around my house, and in my car, and I think it rings true not just in parenting, but for life in general. When you focus on the negative, you just […]