Eating Out with the Kids? Our Top 10 Favorite Family-Friendly Spots

I’m continuing on my mission to welcome my brother Jake and his family back to Dallas after 10 years away in Chicago. Towards that end, Here are 10 (plus a few new ones) of our favorite “family” restaurants in Dallas… Please post a comment to share your own family’s favorite spots! Our kids ask for […]

Top 10 Table Toys: for Eating out with kids

It doesn’t take much (or any thing BIG) to keep little ones entertained at a restaurant. But keep a few of these tricks up your sleeve (or in your purse) for when you need them. I just keep it all in a handy ziploc bag inside by big, green, cavernous purse. (But you probably have […]

Top 10 Table Games for Eating out with Kids (or on the road)

(I’m gonna’ go ahead and publish these lists in case you need some ideas for your spring break week, AND because we are hitting the road for a long car trip to Chicago, and lots of these games will help me out there, as well!) These games are FREE, FUN, and great for building brain […]

Family Dining: Can’t take the kids anywhere?

Last night I saw “Friends with Kids” with a couple of my “friends with kids” (“kids with dads”/ grandparents). This is the new film directed by and starring Jennifer Westfeldt with Adam Scott, Maya Rudolph, and Kristin Wigg (not a comedienne is this one). In one scene the group of 6 co-ed friends is out […]