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MO’ Freedom, Less Mommy!

(This weekend, we are headed with my parents down to the hill country of Texas to our home away from home, Mo-Ranch. Every summer families from our church, First Presbyterian Dallas, gather to relax and play there on retreat, and I’ve gone every year of my life except when I was on my honeymoon! Here is […]

STOP: Daddy Time!

Dustin works ALL the time, 6-7 days a week, often 12-16 hour days. He is on call every other week which means he might get a total of 4 hours of sleep every couple of nights. It means we sometimes go for days without seeing or talking to him. When he has a day off, […]

“Good Things” from Family “Sick”-cation

We had 2 little trips planned for Dustin’s week off. We had to cancel the first one to visit family friends with little ones because one of our little ones had a fever. He had it for several days (after his sister missed her last week of school with it). So we decided to extend […]

“Heart is Where the Home Is”

They say that “home is where the heart is.” I get that – as long as you’re with the people you love, then it doesn’t matter where you live, where you travel, where you move, where you lay down roots or are up-rooted to…you are home. That the feeling of “home” is transportable, going wherever […]

Lessons from Arkansas or “Where I Wish I STILL Was”

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again…Sometimes, you just need to get away to get together. After a very busy work-week for me of extra substitute teaching and seminars, relying heavily on grandparents and babysitters for childcare, and in anticipation of Daddy’s upcoming 4-year “absence” during fellowship (starts in July), our family took advantage […]

Getting Away and Getting Together

{To my readers: I scheduled this post to be published while I am away with the kiddos and my parents at Mo-Ranch in the Texas Hill Country – along with the church family of FPC Dallas, my home church. It is a retreat that I have missed only once in my life, for my honeymoon. […]