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Earth Day and Beyond: 10 Ideas for Re-connecting with your Family and Nature

Re-Connecting with Nature and with Your Family Talking Points and Family Ritual Ideas for Earth Day or any day: Write a “Thank-You” Note to “Mother Earth”, get your whole family involved, and find out what everyone appreciates most about nature. A rainy day? The smell of honeysuckle? The sound of the wind? see mine, which was […]

Lessons from Arkansas or “Where I Wish I STILL Was”

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again…Sometimes, you just need to get away to get together. After a very busy work-week for me of extra substitute teaching and seminars, relying heavily on grandparents and babysitters for childcare, and in anticipation of Daddy’s upcoming 4-year “absence” during fellowship (starts in July), our family took advantage […]