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4th of July: “Free to Be You and Me”

  {This is a re-post from last year. This year I am with the kids and my parents at my aunt’s lake house in New Braunfels with family – swimming, talking, playing, relaxing, eating, having lots of fun while poor Dustin is working. He began his 4-year Gyn-Onc fellowship on Monday, and worked 30 hours […]

Summer Time Fun: #6: CHORES

Helping with Summer Chores! Have a “summer chores” day, and enlist the kids help, or just toss in a little indoor chore time every day, and give everyone a task. No matter what their ages, you can find a way to include children in a fun way, practice some “teamwork” and life skills, and instill […]

Summer time Fun: 10 Ways to beat the heat and connect with your kids, #2

Indoor Water Play! – In our Kindermusik summer sessions for babies and toddlers, we spread out a big plastic drop cloth, put a little water in a big aluminum tin, strip down to our diapers, toss in some sponges, duckies, and plastic cups, and watch the learning begin, and the personalities emerge. (There’s always some “go […]