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NurtureShock Lessons: Lies Kids Tell

A few weeks ago, Michael James went with me to buy a few groceries at our neighborhood Albertson’s, and he spotted a large candy display right next to the produce! (Are you kidding me?? I’m trying to teach my kids how to eat right by staying on the periphery of the store, but the power-that-be […]

NurtureShock Lessons: Talking to Kids about Race

One of my dear friends grew up in small-town Tennessee. His grandmother (who had never heard of “politically correct”), explained to him one day when he’d been playing in the dirt, that he needed to wash himself very well so as not to turn “black”. Didn’t he know? That’s how black people got the color […]

NurtureShock Lessons on SLEEP: The Lost Hour

{This post is part of a series on the book NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children by Bronson/ Merryman. Follow my blog to get the latest posts e-mailed to you.} How much sleep did your kids get last night? Did they get into bed at a decent time? Was it long after they’d showed signs of […]

NurtureShock Lessons: The Inverse Power of Praise

How did you praise your kids today? Did you say, “Good Job” or “Aren’t you a smart girl?” We tend to generously dole out praise for children as if it is the magic “super”-food that will help them develop a healthy self-esteem, and grow into succesful adults. But are our instincts and inclinations to liberally […]

Can you pass the NurtureShock Quiz?

Compare the two statements. Can you tell which one is the common, false assumption and which one is the reaseach-based new way of thinking for parents? —————————————————————————————————- 1. Praise a. If a child believes he is smart, he won’t be intimidated by new academic challenges. b. Giving the kids the label “smart” might cause them to underperform, avoid […]