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Top 10 Benefits to “Free Range” Parenting!

Or as my husband Dustin points out, what used to just be called….”parenting“. (This is part of series on my blog, learn ALL about “Free Range Parenting”.) So, I only caught a little of this year’s Super Bowl game. My family had fun going to a neighborhood sports bar (yes, with the kids), and I caught […]

A “Free Range” Kind of Day…

“To Everything there is a season…Childhood is but a short season.” As I slept in on a recent spring school morning, I could hear my kids banging around the kitchen taking care of their morning chores: Ellie (nearly 6) cheerfully packing lunches, Michael James (just 8) making eggs and toast for our breakfast. Smiling as […]

Talking with your Kids about the Tornado…

On May 3. 1999, I was hunkered down in the basement of the Delta Gamma sorority house as the tornado sirens blared, and the radio told us of the destruction unfolding in neighboring Moore, just a few miles up the highway from Norman. A few of the girls lost friends, loved ones, homes, and all […]

My Mission and Favorite CONNECTION posts

My mission in all my work – writing, teaching, parenting, speaking at seminars – is to help children and families to build and strengthen brain and family connections. The good news is that this is SIMPLE when you are intentional  enough to SLOW down and make a meaningful moment. Our main job as caregivers and nurturers […]

A good day for an EPIPHANY!

Happy Epiphany, or “We Three Kings” Day! It’s a good day to reflect on some parenting “epiphanies”, don’t you think? What I know for sure…our children offer us insights and guide us to parenting and life “epiphanies” when we pay attention. What big AHA moments have you had lately regarding your children, your family, your […]

5 Ways to Make it a Happy Parenting New Year!

This morning, I was busy sending my kiddos out the door with the babysitter for an adventure at the Fair Park Aquarium to increase my own happiness by getting to check some things off my to-do list today before going back to work next week. As I packed their lunch and sipped cold coffee in […]

Shooting Stars and my 2 Little “Stars”

This past weekend I was at Mo-Ranch in the Texas Hill Country  for a long weekend retreat with my family (minus Doctor Daddy) and our church family. Today was a hard day with the kids, as we are all feeling the Mo exhaustion – from lots of heat, lots of walking, lots of swimming, playing, […]

Mortality and The Runaway Bunny

An unexpected summer shower in the evening. I just happen to look up from my computer screen, that powerful vortex that sucks away my time and sensory experiences. I look out the window, and there it is! I breathe deeply, thinking, “I could have missed it altogether!” I decide to close the computer, fix myself […]

Selected “Snippets” on Love, Laughter, and Life

You may have heard me say that in our family, we have a ritual of sharing “good things” at bedtime…simply a way to connect, reflect, and focus on the positive. Here are some of my “good things” from last week: Last Thursday evening the overheated, dry Dallas skies suddenly turned cloudy, breezy, with the smell […]

Eyebrows, Coffee, and Beach Balls…OH MY!

So, feeling a bit overwhelmed this week after coming home from our road trip Monday evening to a messy house (same one we left in a whirlwind rush on Thursday), to a busier than usual teaching schedule, a broken dishwasher, a traveling husband (to Buffalo, NY – no offense to any up-staters, but I’m hoping […]