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Summer Time Fun: #8: CRAFT together!

Crafting Together! Set out a variety of supplies or one specific activity in a tray, and let the creating (and mess-making) begin. All of the following ideas are great  for overall development, but especially fine motor (an area lacking in many kids today because they are not doing enough old-fashioned no-battery play, and getting too much […]

Summer Time Fun: 10 Ways to Beat the Heat and Connect with your Kids, #5

  Build a Tent!  This is just good ol’ fashioned fun for summer or wintertime.  While it’s fun to pop up one of those brightly colored kids’ tents (or we have a shark tent from Target) inside instead of outside, it’s even more fun to build your own out of blankets and chairs. Don’t you […]

Summer time Fun: 10 Ways to beat the heat and connect with your kids, #2

Indoor Water Play! – In our Kindermusik summer sessions for babies and toddlers, we spread out a big plastic drop cloth, put a little water in a big aluminum tin, strip down to our diapers, toss in some sponges, duckies, and plastic cups, and watch the learning begin, and the personalities emerge. (There’s always some “go […]

Summertime Fun: 10 ways to beat the heat and connect with your kids, #1

These are some fun ideas that my family has enjoyed at home, and that I have done with families in class. They are simple, free (or cheap), age-adjustable, and I like them because they will help connect you through play while making important connections in your child’s brain, and making connections is what “Mommy Manders” […]