MLK Day: A Family Conversation…

Perhaps you have made plans to see a movie on your day off with the children, or to go shopping at the mall. Or perhaps your kids will be with a sitter while you’re at work – I know, not all of us get this national holiday off! May I humbly suggest that whatever your […]

The Verdict: Reflect, Refrain, Respect

I’m white and most of my readers are, too. So nobody should really care what I have to say about the Trayvon Martin case. I get that…I’m not even really entitled to an opinion on this matter….EXCEPT… I’m a mom, too. And I’m an American citizen….And I DO see this as a “teachable moment” not […]

Should White Parents also have “the Talk”?

What I know for sure….every mother, no matter what color, race, religion, or creed has the right, the desire, the painful yearning to watch her child grow up. This morning, I was in the shower before the kids awoke, and Michael James wandered into the bathroom crying, upset that I wasn’t still in bed so […]

NurtureShock Lessons: Talking to Kids about Race

One of my dear friends grew up in small-town Tennessee. His grandmother (who had never heard of “politically correct”), explained to him one day when he’d been playing in the dirt, that he needed to wash himself very well so as not to turn “black”. Didn’t he know? That’s how black people got the color […]